About Care for Manufacturing Sanitary Paper Co.

Our story began when a group of Canadian investors started to work and set up a factory aspiring for entrepreneurship in their field of sanitary napkins and tissues production in 2013, in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman.

Care for Manufacturing Sanitary Paper Co. is a factory interested in exportable production. The company provides its manufactured products in Jordan and exports ultra soft tissues, napkins and towels to a number of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Morocco and other African countries such as Uganda. We always aspire to enhance the quality of Care for Manufacturing Sanitary Paper Co. products in order to export to Europe, the United States of America and Canada.


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We use modern automatic production lines, and a hands-free production line which specializes in the manufacturing of medical tissues sanitized with ultraviolet rays as well as facial tissues. Furthermore, the lamination technology available in our factory is used to combine layers of tissues and merge them, which gives the paper towels high absorption properties and increases quality and efficiency of its liquids absorption.

Our mission:


To provide the best quality of tissues for the best price to the end consumer and job opportunities for Jordanian citizens. Also, to raise awareness among users in Arab countries and specifically in the Care for Manufacturing Sanitary Paper Co's country of origin regarding the use of tissues, recycled products, sterilization processing and their role in reducing the number of trees cut for the provision of raw materials required for manufacturing tissue paper, thus preserving the environment.

Our vision

We seek to make our factory a leading manufacturer of tissue paper in the area either locally, regionally and internationally, and to commit to our development plan's path with constant improvement and modernization in order to deliver the best product aimed towards Care TM users

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