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At Care كير we take care Manufacturing our products

Care 225 nylon pack 2ply

Ultra Fine Facial Tissues Packed with a nylon pack for an easy use everywhere

Care 225 2ply 3 plus 1 bag

Make the Care last longer in your home and at your office, get a free nylon p

Care 225 2ply X 10 bag

an extra amount of care to last longer,10 nylon packs of Care 225 2ply napkin

Care flat box 100 2ply

Our Ultra fine facial tissue in a premium size and packaging which suites the

Care flat box 150 2ply

Our Ultra fine facial tissue in a premium large size and packaging which suit

Care 385 nylon pack 2ply

An extra large size of our Ultra Care Fine Facial Tissues packed with a nylon

Nappies 200 1ply

Nappies 200 2ply

Nappies 200 1ply X 10 bag

Nappies 200 2ply X 10 bag

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Private Label Manufacturing

Care company manufactures natural cellulose based products bearing names specific to our factory, such as Kashmir ™, Tia ™, Nappies ™. We also manufacture our ultra soft tissues under the name Care ™. The company manufactures tissues and other paper products that specialize in sanitary care for non-Care brand names such as Terndy™as well, which is one of the most competitive and high quality brands in the local Jordanian market.

We Design Yours

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You can contact us via the communication form on our website (Contact us Page) or by one of the following methods: contacting our official email, our phone numbers, skype call, or by visiting any of our branches.

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Care flat box 150 2ply

250 of ultra soft napkins made with care from 100% natural Cellulose.

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